Take Photos of a Poker Event

poker1Poker tournaments bring out the excitement, the rush and thrill of finally winning the jackpots. These are the reasons why poker enthusiasts and even celebrities are lining up to register and join some of the best poker tournaments around. Even the likes of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are just two of the many celebrities that are often seen tournaments. But more than the celebrities, these tournaments are massive magnets for poker players and enthusiasts who want to thrill, excitement and a shot at the jackpot! Make sure to get a nice picture of the tournament winner when he or she cash out his poker winnings. More about cash out from poker and casino winnings can be found here, casinowithdrawal.co.uk.

Because of these, poker tournaments are also the best places to shoot sporting pictures. The action that comes in these tournaments, even if some players maintain their ‘poker faces’ just to hide their best hands serve as perfect moments to snap a photo. But before you take your camera to a venue of next year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP), it is important that you should know the best tricks when taking photos of a poker event.

Lighting and Focal Length Matter When Taking Pictures

Lighting is a critical requirement when you want to cover a poker tournament. Whether you are covering a professional poker tournament like the World Series of Poker or a community poker competition, there is a big chance that the room or hall is not well-lit.

camera1Also, you cannot just use the camera’s flash during a poker game or depend on strobes since these lighting sources may distract players. When lighting is a potential problem when covering a poker tournament, you need to tweak the ISO settings of your camera, and select an aperture of f.2.8.

Some enthusiasts may debate the importance of focal length, thanks particularly on its use in other situations. But in capturing the best images in poker tournaments, focal length is subjective. If you are looking to capture a lot of close ups inside the poker hall, you should choose 70 to 20mm, and when you want to shoot an entire room, make sure to get 24mm or 50mm.

Get the Right Camera Equipment and Accessories

poker2The best poker pictures are defined by the quality of the camera you will use. Entry-level DSLR cameras from Nikon and Canon priced from 400 to 600 are competent enough when taking photos in poker tournaments. Aside from the durability of the body or design, your best investment comes in a high quality lens. Some professional poker photographers recommend Canon 50-mm f/1.8. A maximum aperture of f/2.8 is highly recommended if you want to take photos of the whole room, or want to capture as many players as possible.

Also, when taking pictures at poker tournaments, it is recommended to pay attention to the emotions and action that happen in the room. While it is great to take random pictures, make sure you do not focus on players who are in unflattering situations.