Take Photos at a Casino

Many casinos have outdated policies regarding taking photos within their premises. We may hate those rules, but still must comply with them. This article has some tips on how to take photos in a casino. Please read these and avoid any run-ins with the authorities.

Smaller the better

It’s better to not carry professional photo equipment to your casino. This means a big NO to DSLRs and other big cameras. You can carry a mobile phone, though. Casino operators usually allow mobile cameras, but it’s always better to check whether casinos allow all forms of photography.

casino photo

Take permission

You should take explicit permission from the casino. Don’t assume things. Just imagine what would happen if your photos and equipment were seized by the casino simply because you didn’t get any permission!

Stills and not videos

Since taking videos can attract cold stares from dealers and players, it’s always better to take stills. You simply take a snap and that’s it, nobody will notice it. However, panning a casino with your mobile phone can attract unwelcome attention.

Play also

Your casino won’t say it in as many words, but it would like you to play a game or two before or after taking photos. Look around, and, you will probably get a few free spins Ireland offers. Avail of these free offers, play a few games and be on the right side of the casino.

No flash please

Flash means getting unwarranted attention. So, stay away from flash in the casino. Disable your flash while taking photos and get all the photos you want. Anyway, there is ample light in any casino for you to take good photos.

Keep moving

Don’t linger at any place, keep moving from one place to the other quickly. If you stay at the same place long, an employee might come and question you.

No tripods

Casinos are places to gamble and are not touristy places. This means no tripods in the casino at all. And anyway, the casino will turn you away from the entrance if you are found carrying a tripod. Remember, tripods invite unwanted attention from employees, dealers, and players.

Play dumb

Successful photography in casinos means acting dumb. In most cases, someone will yell “No photography” while you are clicking images inside the casino. Just ignore him and continue taking photos. When the yells become louder, simply turn around and play dumb, “Sorry, what did you say? I was too drunk to see the warning.” By this time, you have enough images in your phone, and you have done what you wanted.