Photographing Parties and Nightclubs

photo1Attending parties and going to the most happening nightclubs in the city serves as the perfect way to unwind, release the pent-up pressures, and just enjoy the company of friends. It is also a great time to socialize, and meet like-minded professionals and individuals who are looking for the same kind of entertainment. Aside from the usual dances, booze, and socialization, attending these happening places serves as a great platform for the budding photographer who wants to take pictures, and share these pictures with friends.

By taking pictures of these party places, you actually help promote the fun associated with partying and to ensure that the entertainment experienced last night will not be just a blur. To help you come up with the best photographs on your next party adventure, check the following suggestions.

Shots Using Cameras with Fast Lenses and Flash Diffusers

photo2If you are still using the old style lenses, you might consider changing your unit now. The ideal aperture value for camera lenses is f/2.8 if you wish to take the best pictures of the moment. Cameras with a wider angle lens are perfectly suited if you want to take a shot of the entire club scene. With these types of lenses, you get the best value for your money.

To improve image quality, you might also need a flash diffuser, which is one of the essential camera accessories used especially at parties and nightclubs. Flash diffusers work by spreading out the light, which eventually results in a much softer lighting effect. Expensive and bigger types of diffusers perform much better compared to the cheaper ones.

Must-have Camera Accessories

Most photographers suggest a UV filter as it provides protection for your camera. It is made of glass screwed onto the end of your camera lens. When deciding what UV filters to use, it pays to go for professional quality and expensive filters over cheaper ones.

photo3Cheap and poorly structured UV filters might cause glare and a ghosting effect which means the image quality is degraded. UV Filters come in single-coated or double-coated style. Another accessory is the TTL off-camera shoe cord. This is the most reliable solution to problems involving flash while keeping the flash gun in function and is essential because the on-cam flash may not be enough.

A lens hood is another must-have camera accessory essential for retaining picture quality. It helps you get the best overall contrast while keeping your camera away from flares or getting scratched. The last essential accessory is the vertical grip which can be used based on your personal preferences. A vertical grip allows you to handle the camera easier as you capture images in landscape format.

Optimal Brand Choice for Nightclub Photography

Sigma and Tokina camera lenses are the best choices when photographing parties and nightclub events. Sigma features a lens with a fixed aperture. It offers consistency in anticipated results and performs better in terms of optical quality. You can choose lenses that have focal lengths of 24-70, which are best when taking pictures in nightclubs.

Don’t forget to keep these things in mind to avoid degraded picture quality. Before heading to nightclubs, you also need to make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged so you can enjoy the rest of the evening.