Photograph a Wedding

wedding1Snapping pictures at a wedding is both an enjoyable and stressful experience. It can be enjoyable and memorable, knowing how important this occasion is. For many men and women out there, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and often comes with massive preparations, from the wedding gown, flowers to the food that will be served. With a wedding ceremony, photographers and amateurs are given a number of opportunities to snap an amazing moment, and turn it into a lasting memory.

But it can also become stressful, especially for someone who is not equipped with the right photography equipment, and is not backed by the best skills and tricks in wedding photography. Put an end to the usual wedding photography mistakes and misses; when you want to capture the best wedding moments, you need to pay attention to the right kind of wedding photography equipment, and remember a few tricks.

Invest in Full-frame and Back-up Cameras, With a Few Fast Lenses

For a tough photography assignment like a wedding ceremony, you need the best and most dependable photography equipment and supplies. Still, the best cameras are the DSLR cameras, like the leading models from Canon and Nikon. Top-tier DSLR models like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D750 are great investments for enthusiasts and aspiring wedding photography professionals.

wedding2The great thing about these DSLR cameras is that they come with large sensors. Larger sensors in cameras translate to better details, sharpness and definition. These cameras are also known for their rugged construction, which means that these can work in a frenetic and demanding work environments, like a wedding photo shoot.

The quality of the lenses is also critical, and it’s best to work with the best products available in the market. Look for camera lenses that are faster, including wide aperture camera lenses. These type of camera lenses will allow aspiring wedding photographers to take high-quality images even in low light, and in faster speeds. A highly recommended ‘wedding lens’ is a 24-70 mm f/28 camera lens, which is a competent lens that allow you to capture a whole entourage, and should be great for close-ups. You can also invest in macro and fish-eye lenses. Macro-lenses are recommended for capturing the smallest details on wedding items, like wedding dresses and floral arrangements.

Other important equipment and accessories that should be included in the package are flash units, LED, flash brackets, high capacity memory cards, tripods and even a carrying gear.

What to Remember When Taking the Best Wedding Pictures

wedding3Once the equipment is ready, then now is the time to take wedding pictures. When taking wedding pictures, it is important to pay attention to the mood in the room or church, and build your pictures from these. It is also critical to come up with a ‘shot list’ before taking the plunge. You don’t want to attend a wedding as a photographer, and you have failed to take a sweet picture of the couple!

Also, remember to take a number of raw shots of the event. Sure, taking raw shots can be tiring, but these types of pictures leave much room for creativity and flexibility. And finally, don’t forget to have fun with the guests, and the couple. The best moments are those happy moments that are worth treasuring and sharing.